Traditional age-old Arts


The most traditional age-old arts were preserved
and included in this limited series

Limited seriesTraditional age-old Arts

  • Each handcrafted piece passed through hundreds of hands before gaining shape and form, symbolising the mystery experienced by the Portuguese navigators when they sighted the Island of Madeira, which had up till then been uncharted territory.

The Laurissilva forest:A remarkable ecological legacy

  • The materials used in this special edition capture the essence and the history of Madeira and honour this moment of celebration. An example of this is the Laurissilva forest, which occupies an area of around 15,000 hectares and is a remarkable environmental legacy which has withstood over five centuries of human settlement.

    This iconic forest on the archipelago has been classified as a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site since 1999; in 2019 Madeira celebrates the 20th anniversary of that accolade. The name comes from the Latin words Laurus (Bay, Laurel) and Silva (forest, wood) and it consists mainly of trees from the Lauraceae family. The most characteristic species are the Vinhático Laurissilva (Persea indica), the Barbusano Laurissilva, the Til Laurissilva and the Laurel, whose leaves, flowers and fruits gave us the inspiration for illustrating the embroidered linen envelope this booklet is presented in.

The Vinhático LaurissilvaPortuguese art of working this wood

  • As with the discovery of the Island of Madeira, when Pêro Vaz de Caminha arrived in Brazil with Pedro Álvares de Cabral in 1500, he too sighted several different species of large trees. Of the many Brazilian trees used by the Portuguese during the colonial period, only some were later protected and used and traded exclusively by the crown. They were classified as “hardwoods”. From this group, the woods with higher aesthetic value, stability and durability were considered “high-quality woods” and were used for sculptures and furniture, finished with Brazilian Vinhático (Plathymenia foliolosa), chosen to shape this packaging.

Madeiran embroideryThe culture, tradition and regulated art

  • A symbol of the culture and history of the island, Madeiran embroidery is another of the traditional artworks used on this piece. Typical of and unique to the region, it was decisive for the economy and the livelihoods of the local people, especially in the mid-19th century, when farming was going through a difficult period. As time went by, this product became known and gained fame in Portugal and around the world. This envelope was hand embroidered by Madeiran embroiderers that was certified and approved by the Madeira Institute of Wine, Embroidery and Handicrafts..

Madeira wickerFrom generation to generation

  • Typically Madeiran, wicker is a natural product whose traditions date back to the 19th century and consists of the age-old technique of weaving plant materials such as rushes (willow branches or twigs). Blandy’s selected this material as a way of reinforcing its concerns about the environment and sustainability, using distinctive organic materials.

    All of these pieces were handcrafted by a Madeiran artisan who is devoted to preserving this age-old art.

The unequalled feelElegance of Alcantara

  • The interior is fully lined in handstitched alcantara, giving it an unrivalled feel and elegance. The packaging contains a certificate of authenticity attesting to the exclusivity of this special edition.

Portuguese silverA Natural Choice

  • Worked and used for several centuries, Portuguese silver is seen on the packaging and the decanter. Completely handcrafted by experienced Portuguese artisans, the sterling silver decorating the crystal decanter carries a manually chiselled illustration of the capital of Madeira, Funchal, reinforcing the unique nature of this piece.

Hand-blown CrystalIn its purest form

  • Inspired by a model of an 18th century bottle made in the USA, each one of the 600 decanters is exclusive, individually numbered and can hold 1.5 litres of this rare blend.

    This piece, worked by highly skilled Portuguese artisans, was handcrafted by master glassblowers, using hand-blown crystal in its purest form.

From the union of the Blandy family's history with the discovery of the Island of Madeira has resulted The Winemaker’s Selection, a unique wine with a unique package that will stand the test of time.