Over two centuries of History

ExploreOver two centuries devoted to producing Madeira wines

Years ago

Blandy's was founded over 200 years ago, a family-run company that focuses on the production of the best Madeira wines. A world leader in the sector, Blandy’s keeps to this day wholly devoted and faithful to the oldest and most traditional techniques for ageing its most premium wines.

In the early 19th century

In the early 19th century, in 1808, John Blandy arrived on the Island of Madeira armed with a letter of recommendation to work with wine merchants and, in 1811, he founded his own company – Blandy’s. Currently run by Michael and Chris Blandy, the 6th and 7th generation of the family, the company has become known all over the world for its quality.

Family Tradition

The Blandy family is unique and is the last of the families associated with the origins of Madeira wines. The family has always played an important role in the development of the sector and to this day, the Blandy’s still live on the island, continuing the family tradition that dates back to 1811.

Still preserving the legacy

Over the years, and despite the many setbacks the Blandy family were faced with, they kept to the traditional art of making good wines, which are recognised worldwide. The Winemaker’s Selection is the evidence that the Blandy family is still preserving the legacy and the achievements of their ancestors.