NOTE by Richard MaysonA wine for serious meditation

Deep amber in hue; wonderfully taut on the nose with cinnamon spice; combines the concentration of age with the freshness of youth, multi-layered, proof that a wine can be greater than the sum of its parts, medium rich in style (100g/l) yet beautifully lithe and linear, bright steely acidity and a touch of salinity gives this wine wonderful poise. Lovely clean bitter – sweet olive finish. A wine for serious meditation. Only 600 magnums were released on 5th September 2019.

Exclusive special edition

To celebrate the six centuries since the discovery of the Island of Madeira, Blandy’s is launching this exclusive special edition, designed and developed down to the last detail. The Winemaker’s Selection comes from the skill of the renowned winemaker, Francisco Albuquerque, and the know-how (and knowing how to wait) of seven generations of the Blandy family, which has an unparalleled stock of very rare old Madeira wines.

The family got together and they all decided that this was the right time to share this rarity with connoisseurs of Madeira wine. Portugal and the discovery of Madeira are faithfully depicted on the unique packaging, created piece by piece by the skilled hands of those who know how to preserve the most typical and traditional origins and arts of the region and of our country.


In order to properly celebrate the 600 year anniversary since the discovery of the island, we needed a wine that would stand the test of time. We managed to integrate some of the best vintages from the family’s stock, the know-how and expertise of our winemaker Francisco Albuquerque, the historical componentes from the island and the handicraft of some of the best artisans from the country.

I believe that this wine will not only set the standard today, but will also be a reference for future generations.


It’s a privilege to have the responsibility of creating this unique and memorable wine, blending the characteristics of each varietal.
I wanted to created a blend some of the best vintages spanning 3 centuries.

This wine, from the island of the same name, upon drinking will provoke strong emotions and unforgettable pleasure.

Over two centuries devoted to producing Madeira wines

Unforgettable WineA unique, rare wine

A unique, rare wine to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the discovery of Madeira

The Winemaker’s Selection is a special edition limited to 600 numbered magnums

600 years of history in a single bottle